Carpathian Nodes is a part of Carpathian Basin Kft. and managed by the Turu-global team.

Carpathian Nodes Roadmap

Operating Carpathian Nodes

COTI Carpathian Node

Carpathian Node on the COTI Blockchain was the first node to be established by Carpathian Basin. A cooperative initiative, which serves as a proof of concept for the other Nodes ran by Carpathian Basin. We are now supporting Staking 3.0.

PAC Global
PAC Global Carpathian Nodes

The First PAC masternodes were set up fro PAC Global blockchain in February 2021. Currently 6 masternodes are running. More nodes are in the pipeline. Flexible staking will be offered through the CPAC token.

Tachyon Carpathian Nodes

Carpathian Tachyon Node has started in November 2020. This Node is offering Flexible Staking as a service. And up to now 4 nodes have been initiated and are up and running. Flexible staking is being offered throught the CIPX token.

Further Carpathian Nodes Planned:

Carpathian Brokerage

Carpathian Brokerage on Orion Protocal will be a cooperative initiative with up to 11 Participants. Outside the core brokerage team Carpathian Brokerage will offer flexible staking. We are awaiting mainnet go live to initiate this brokerage.

Carpathian Node for LTO

Carpathian node team is in the process to set up node for the LTO Blockchain as supporter of the combination of LTO and VIDT. This node is planned for March 2021

Carpathian Node for Lukso

LYX (LUKSO) project is under investigation, a bag of tokens is being build up by the team while we will review whether it will make sense to prepare for running a node once the conditions for running a node become clear.

Staking cooperatives

Besides running nodes, the Carpathian Node team is staking either as individuals or as a team in the following projects:

Govi staking
GOVI Staking cooperative

Carpathian Node earned a significant amount of $GOVI tokens running the node on COTI Blockchain. These $GOVI tokens are staking and earning dividend on the CVI platform.

Verasity staking
Verasity Staking

Several members of the Carpathian node team have taken a position in Verasity big enough to ensure staking in the Verasity network

Primo Group
Primo Staking

Several members of the Carpathian node team have acquired the minimum amount of EMS tokens required to be an elite member of the Primo Group and earn rewards in the process

Staking definitions:

Individual Staking:

An individual node is a Node only run by Carpathian Basin Kft. An individual node can have the possibility of individual staking.

Cooperative Staking:

A cooperative node is a node which established through a cooperative. A group of participants have pooled assets in the founding wallet for the node, sharing the staking rewards (-costs) proportional to their proportion of the total assets.

Flexible Staking:

Flexible staking is to have the chance to directly stake in the node, by owning staking tokens representing the staking tokens. Carpathian Basin is staking on behalf of the flexible staker and will share a significant portion of the staking rewards with the Flexible staker, where the remainder of the rewards is used to fund the flexibility and the eco-system.

Closed vs Open staking:

Closed staking means there is a maximum of tokens which can be staked in a node. Example here is the COTI node, where as a node operator the maximum to stake is 750k $ COTI tokens. This prevents flexible staking. Open staking means you can stake as much as you want in a node, this enables flexible staking as it adds unknown amount of stakes to the node

Carpathian nodes is run by the same team behind turu global. turu global is running crypto merchandise shops like:

Tronnetwork.store and COTIMerch.store

  • Being a Node powerhouse.
  • Running Cooperative Nodes .
  • Offering Flexible node staking.
  • Earn Magic Internet Money

No man is an Island, entire of itself; every person is a piece of the continent.

John Donne – English Poet

The vision is to run nodes through cooperation with Flexible Staking. As a team there is more brain power and purchasing power to become a solid Node Powerhouse

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Carpathian Basin Kft is an investment initiative in Hungary focusing on Blockchain, Investments, Projects and Community

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