$CIPX staking rewards.

Now we have two Nodes live on Tachyon Protocol. This is starting to provide us sufficient data in how much ROI we will be receiving running these nodes. Preliminary data shows that the achievable return per node can be around 37% ROI. Deducting server costs at current value of IPX, the ROI is reduced to 29%. As every node holds 20k IPX, any surplus IPX less than 20k is idle and does not generate any staking revenue. So in case 39k IPX is available for staking, 19k will sit idle and an ROI of 15% is achieved. Based on this the chosen staking rewards for the Custody IPX ($CIPX) tokens will be 15%.

This is significantly higher than the 6% offered by managed staking in IPX-US.

Tachyon Node staking returns

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