$CPAC Custody token

We have launched the $CPAC custody token, with this we give the opportunity to anyone with a TRON wallet address to buy $CPAC tokens on TRON blockchain and with that hold a custody token which is backed 1:1 by $PAC tokens staked in one of our 5 Carpathian Nodes on PAC Global blockchain.

The custody tokens are explained in this section of our website: https://carpathiannodes.com/custody-tokens/

The trading and info sharing can be done through the Promile Telegram channel: https://t.me/promille_project.

At this moment in time we have more than 96k $CPAC tokens in circulation and they are held by 27 different wallets so far…

Published by Carapthian

A project interested in building a structure for early retirement by engaging in promising (crypto) projects and companies generating enough passive income to chase my dream

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