PAC Global Credits Digital bank is an online financial payment service which provides highly exclusive crypto operations as an alternative and improvement to traditional currencies and money transfers.
For you Debit Cards, SEPA accounts and cryptocurrencies. You can buy, sell, store and send Crypto assets to friends and family online.
First release of Credits digital bank is available for EU Residents.

About Credits is a company starting operation worldwide as a network-based payments system supporting online money transfers and alternative electronic payment solutions built with the use of blockchain technologies and traditional payment methods.

Integration with traditional providers like Visa/MC, SWIFT, SEPA

New and modern payment solutions like P2P on the blockchain with cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and other products

We ease the way you pay

Taking The Hassle,
High Costs And Delays
Out Of the Payment Industry.

Carpathian Nodes

Carpathian Nodes is running a node on Credits network. The intend is to gradually increase our staking position to a level of 500k $CS. We have the intend to create a custody token for the Credits blockchain as well to open up staking and its rewards to a bigger audience

Custody PAC token ($CCS)

Under preparation

APR = xx%

The Credit Custody Token is a TRC10 token on the TRON Blockchain. So the requirements to get $CCS tokens is to have a TRON compatible wallet like Klever. $CCS tokens can be bought in our Telegram channel: through our regularly posted sales offers using the Seedit bot. These are regularly placed based on the current exchange rate between TRX and CS.

$CCS can be converted into CS tokens at any time by providing your CS wallet address and sending back the CS tokens to our founding wallet. Also they can be sold back against $TRX or $USDT at 90% of the original value by initiating a trade through the seedit bot.

“Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.”

Paul Samuelson

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