Flexible Staking

What does Flexible Staking mean on Carpathian Node for Tachyon Protocol?

Individuals can purchase $IPX custody tokens ($CIPX) by sending $USDT to the Carpathian Node exchange address. In exchange they will receive $CIPX. The amount of $CIPX received corresponds with the amount of $IPX staked in their name in the Carpathian Node:

There is no minimum or maximum stake and the staking rewards are paid to the holders of $CIPX nodes on a weekly base. The staking rewards are paid out in $CIPX tokens. The guaranteed weekly staking rewards are 0,288 % of the stake. This leads to an APR of 15%. Details of how the 15% is defined can be found in the following article: $CIPX staking

APR = 15%

The Custody Token is a TRC10 token on the TRON Blockchain. So the requirements to get $CIPX tokens is to have a TRON compatible wallet like Klever. And to have a certain amount of USDT in this wallet. By sending USDT to the exchange wallet, the individual will automatically receive its $CIPX tokens at 97,5 % of the exchange value at that moment.

Carpathian Node will provide a weekly update of:

  • The amount of $IPX tokens staking in the Carpathian Node;
  • The amount of $CIPX tokens in circulation.
  • The proportion of $CIPX tokens vs $IPX tokens (flexible staking vs team staking)

The CIPX token is currently running in Alpha status meaning that the purchase of the token is still manual and not automated as per above shown process. Weekly distribution of the staking rewards for CIPX holders is happening.
The CIPX token will move to Beta when the scripts for automated purchase are ready.

  • $CIPX tokens can only be sold back to Carpathian Node (at 97,5% of the exchange value at that moment) at least 7 days after the last purchase of $CIPX tokens to prevent speculation on price swings.
Wallet & token info:

The $CIPX token is created on TRON Blockchain, with a maximum supply of 10 million CIPX tokens. The token ID nr is 1003510 and it has 9 digits.
The creation wallet address is: TXndKUy3r84Mfn1GNx4Qi3tzRVVSyYxMi1

CIPX token logo


The $CIPX whitepaper can be reviewed by downloading the document below

What are the main benefits?

No minimum amount of $ICX tokens needed to start staking.

No Minimum

Easy to acquire tokens, no exchange interaction needed for staking $ICX

No Exchanges

Best returns available outside of running your own node on Tachyon.

Best returns

Let’s build something together.

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