Legal needs for cooperative nodes.

In order to create a solid legal base, two documents are the corner stone of the cooperative node:
– The Escrow agreement, which is ensuring that the wallet holding the funds of the cooperative node is available for the node participants in case something happens to Carpathian Basin Kft.
– The Unincorporated Joint Venture Agreement. This agreement documents legally the amount of tokens every participant has contributed to the node. And with that solidifies the ownership of all participants.

Planned legal set up for Orion Protocol Brokerage.

For Flexible staking the Cooperative Node is expanded with one more participant, the flexible staking pool:

The Flexible staking pool is represented by tokens generated on TRON blockchain representing 1:1 the amount of tokens participating in the Flexible staking pool.
80% of the staking rewards they generate will be awarded to the holders of these tokens.

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