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Phi Token status December 4, 2020

With the launch of Blink which spreads its rewards to WINk, DICE and LIVE holders, we are now slowly adding $BNB as a thirteenth crypto token to our diversified Crypto portfolio.

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Phi Snapshot January first

Phi token is back in business. January first we have taken the snapshot to define the potential payout to Phi token holders on February first. Average value of a Phi token is now 1.194 TRX tokens

Tachyon Third Node.

Since our last update, we have opened a third node on Tachyon Protocol and are now on the way to establish a fourth node. Last couple of days we could establish around 35% APR on the nodes. We have in the meantime brought 7k $CIPX tokens into circulation spread over two wallets who are tryingContinue reading “Tachyon Third Node.”

$CIPX staking rewards.

Now we have two Nodes live on Tachyon Protocol. This is starting to provide us sufficient data in how much ROI we will be receiving running these nodes. Preliminary data shows that the achievable return per node can be around 37% ROI. Deducting server costs at current value of IPX, the ROI is reduced toContinue reading “$CIPX staking rewards.”


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