Tachyon Node

Tachyon Node staking results simulation

The Carpathian Node for Tachyon Protocol started accumulating $IPX tokens in October and went live the Node beginning of November. For now the flexible staking token is running in Alpha version until all the scripts and processes are ready for a Beta launch which is expected for beginning of 2021.

Carpathian Node

The Carpathian Node on Tachyon protocal is ran by the same team running the COTI node, with years of experience in different blockchain project.



As a trial a Node was run on the IPX US node management system. With the majority of the Node rewards going to the node provider, the achieved ROI was about 6% APR. Due to low return on investment, this one was switched of and the first Carpathian Node was started.

Carpathian Node 2

The Second Carpathian Node on the Tachyon Protocol went live on November 11th again utilizing a virtual Digital Ocean server. Node 2 is managed through wallet: ARHhJ5PkhFSSg3jP1omvMMehp8NQ4MNMh1y

Carpathian Node 4

The Fourth Carpathian Node on the Tachyon Protocol is now under preparation. With the base in place having three Nodes live, there is no urgency to set up Node 4. It will mainly be achieved through the activation of more and more $CIPX tokens

Carpathian Node 1

The first Node managed by Carpathian Nodes on the Tachyon Blockchain went live on November 9th by using a virtual Digital Ocean server through Node Manager 2.1. Node one is managed through wallet: ARFyoHuNDoggdXyGKsmvRwvT5yTM2941nS8

Carpathian Node 3

The third Node on the Tachyon Protocol went live on November 17th. Node three is managed through wallet: ARBiwkEmRB9pzKoKX9p5z2dJiCNJ82NRiPk.

Flexible Staking

CVIX Virtual token

Oct 27, 2020 –

October 27th the $CVIX virtual token has been initiated. The Phi multi-currency investment project has invested in the virtual token as an Alpha trial to try out the functionality of flexible staking and to define the proper staking rewards payments and to test the scripts and routing behind.

CVIX Actual custody token

Jan 2021

After running the trial with the virtual token, an actual token will be generated as a TRC 10 token on the TRON blockchain to be used as a custody token for the IPX tokens staked in the Carpathian Nodes. As soon as all trials have finished this launch will be announced.

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