Tachyon Carpathian Node

On Ocotber 28th, 2020 the Carpathian Node on Tachyon went live. We choose Tachyon as our second Node after the Carpathian Node on COTI because of the following reasons: Tachyon Protocol

  • Is a real business with real users;
  • Has a relatively low entry level to start a node with the requirement of 20k $IPX
  • Has good technical documentation how to set up a node
  • Has no limitation of the amount of $IPX to be staked (Open Node)
  • Has a low market cap with room to grow.

First we have staked our initial amount of 22k $IPX on the IPXUS.com managed nodes site, where you can stake your IPX without the need for any technical knowledge of setting up a node. As the staking rewards, in average 6% APR over a period of 6 days seemed very low, we have opted to manage our own node on the Tachyon Protocol. This Node went live on November 3rd.

In the next days, we will be monitoring the rewards generated and based on that we will create a Custody $IPX token allowing everyone to stake $IPX tokens in a easy manner, with much better returns than staking your $IPX in the IPXUS.com managed node. More details to follow.

Carpathian Node

Carpathian Node

The Carpathian Node on the Tachyon Protocol is a Node independently ran by Carpathian Nodes (CN), part of Carpathian Basin Kft. This Node is the second passive income generating node in the CN platform, providing the option of Flexible staking as well

CIPX flexible staking token

Flexible Staking

As an additional service to the Tachyon Node, we are offering Flexible Staking for individuals who do not want to acquire tokens through small exchanges, but who want to benefit from staking IPX tokens

Tachyon Protocol


Tachyon Protocol is the blockchain on which we have established our second Node.
Tachyon Protocol is what nodes and users in the Tachyon network speak to one another.

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